How does my VIP account work?

As a VIP member you are entitled to stream and download all video on our site for your personal viewing only.

Simply browse the movies and when you are ready to stream or download activate the controls on the movie page at your leisure.

How do I browse the website?

Before you download anything, you MUST login to the VIP member page. You must do this every session in order for download links to appear on the public pages.

It is a requirement to have cookies enabled to be able to download movies. If you do not see yourself logged in as displayed below, then you cannot download movies.

You DO NOT have a VIP cookie installed. Log in here to obtain one. Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser.

Our site requesting Login/Password multiple times

As a member jumps from movie to movie, our site may occasionally ask for the login and password. This is due to the fact we use many different servers to contain our videos. If we left it to just one server, our site would be extremely sluggish. We have DOZENS of servers online to ensure maximum quality and speed.

Canceling your VIP account

You can easily cancel at Verotel by providing your username and password.
Click here to cancel your subscription through Verotel.

You can easily cancel at Segpay by providing your username and password.
Click here to cancel your subscription through Segpay.

I lost my Password

You can easily have your password resent at Verotel by providing your email address.
Click here to get your password.

Customer Service Telephone Number

+1 877-886-4100

Sharing your VIP account

ActionJAV has a zero-tolerance policy regarding abuse. VIP accounts are limited to one person, and this rule will be strictly enforced. We have multiple advanced security checks, so any abuse will be noticed.

When I try to download it says my account has been suspended

This occurs when an account has been accessed from a great deal of geographic locations simultaneously. This measure is in place to prevent password sharing. Our threshold for action on this type of behavior is very high to ensure users with multiple locations and computers, such as business travelers, do not have difficulty. If you get this message, we ask you open a support ticket informing us of the problem along with any possible explanation and we will review your access history and may restore your account. In most cases, we change your password on the first violation to ensure the security of your account.

Need more help? Contact us

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