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 Climax Orgasm Shiofuki Fuck

 with Jessica Asakura

I liked this movie a lot, Jessica cannot feign her excitment on scene, her large, firm and beautiful breasts do not let her lie and you can see her sweat and tremble, out of hot pleasure. She wets herself plenty during orgasm. She is very beautiful, has a tiny yet inciting pussy and feels no remorse enjoying the action. [more..]


 Video Title

 Climax Orgasm Shiofuki Fuck


 Jessica Asakura



 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 November 2, 2007

 Date Updated

 June 11, 2012








 type of sex: gangbang

 type of sex: threesome, mmf

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: pussy eating

 hardcore activities: chair confinement

 hardcore props: restraints

 breast related: big breasts

 pussy related: pussy squirting(shiofuki)

 orgasm related: facial

 costumes/apparel: lingerie

 costumes/apparel: stockings(pansuto)


 Highly Recommended



Jessica Asakura in Climax Orgasm Shiofuki Fuck Jessica Asakura in Climax Orgasm Shiofuki Fuck Jessica Asakura in Climax Orgasm Shiofuki Fuck Jessica Asakura in Climax Orgasm Shiofuki Fuck Jessica Asakura in Climax Orgasm Shiofuki Fuck Jessica Asakura in Climax Orgasm Shiofuki Fuck Jessica Asakura in Climax Orgasm Shiofuki Fuck
Jessica Asakura in Climax Orgasm Shiofuki Fuck Jessica Asakura in Climax Orgasm Shiofuki Fuck Jessica Asakura in Climax Orgasm Shiofuki Fuck Jessica Asakura in Climax Orgasm Shiofuki Fuck Jessica Asakura in Climax Orgasm Shiofuki Fuck Jessica Asakura in Climax Orgasm Shiofuki Fuck Jessica Asakura in Climax Orgasm Shiofuki Fuck


Jessica Asakura

Scene 1:  Credits start showing off nice looking Jessica modeling in red lingerie and a little bit of touching of herself, all very innocent looking.


Scene 2:  In this first scene Jessica appears with sexy looking bra and panties, then a man appears fondling her gorgeous large but firm breasts which are promptly exposed. The man goes on to caress her clit with her panties on and brings a small vibrator to her nipples which are quickly becoming hard and excited. The man has some mastery at the use of the vibrator and erotically puts it over her pussy and closes it in between it and her panties -which are still on-. He changes her into a standing position leaving the vibrator where he left it and playing with her panties in her ass line, then applies the vibrator to her bear clit and her nipples become very perky. She takes her panties off lays on her back and starts to tremble and moan as the vibrator coninuesto to be applied, she is then fingered fuck until her wetness starts to come out. Another man appears and she gets on all four to suck him while vibrator and finger are still being applied by the original man. She comes, wetting herself all over again and keeps sucking the man's dick -you can still see she is very excited, her breasts seem to want to explode-. It takes her a while to make him come into her mouth, a lot of sucking, mostly jerking, and licking.


Scene 3:  Jessica is now wearing a new sexy outifit, you will need to see it to appreciate it as she looks quite desirable. A new man fondles her nipples and pussy through her transparent tight black clothes, caresses her behind while french and ear kissing. Finally he undresses her and keeps fondling and sucking her nipples and vagina, she seems near orgasm but not quite there so he sticks his fingers on her until she squirts. It is his turn to be sucked and once hard he penetrates her from behind, slowly first, and then faster, faster and harder. The guy changes positions several times, to take her again always from behind, just for a rest, and continue with the action. He leaves a face to face position for the end, where his sweat falls all over Jessica, so he can shot his cum unto her face, she licks him off it most thankfully.


Scene 4:  This scene presents Jessica on a chair being fondled by several men while bondaged, wearing, again, black panties and bra. One starts to lick her pussy and she looks very pleased at it, she evens laughs a couple of times, while the other two men keep playing with her breasts and nipples. The bothersome panties are cut away so she can be given better tongue and finger pleasure until coming. But the men keep at it, making her squirt to the extent of wetting the camera lens, all this just to continue and apply four vibrators to Jessica's pussy and make her shoot her cum for the third time, but Jessica's best shoot will be kept for the fourth and last orgasm leaving her heaving and exhausted.


Scene 5:  Jessica, wearing more bikini like black and transparent lingerie, not boring though. Again, being fondled and french kissed by a single guy, he sucks her breasts and caresses her lower lips, she seems excited at the prospect of what she knows is coming. The man fondles her behind and clitoris aplenty, then proceeds to suck at her while Jessica gives us a pretty good look of her asshole and contracts in ecstasy at this. She is turned upside down to be fingered fucked and like always squirts abundantly in glee. Inmediately she climbs an escalator where she is again finger fucked and promplty seems to pee herself out of emotion. She seems to enjoy the finger very much and the man continues the action making her wet yet again. I cannot really tell if she lubricates a lot or is peeing herself as has so much juice in her, but she is undoubtedly excited by the look of her nipples. Now is the turn of the guy to get excited before introducing himself inside Jessica. He fucks her hard in several positions before coming on her face.


Scene 6:  New, one piece black outfit, I like it a lot. Two guys playing with Jessica. They show us her small but pretty vagina and use their finger to giver the action that we know already she likes. Then she will sit in ones face while the other kisses her. While laying on one of the men she will receive the others finger and come like no other time. She will give the men a double blow job before being fucked from behind. Jessica will change positions and give blow jobs as required the men will trade places fucking her after each pours it's load onto her face.


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