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 with Maaya Kurihara




Four different girls are featured in this movie, with all of them being assigned to perform a set of similar actions - namely self-stimulation, cock blowing, bathing and casual sex. Nana, the third girl featured in this movie definitely outshines all the others with her superior outlook and body. (which easily matches most legendary JAV starlet) [more..]


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 Maaya Kurihara



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 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 November 21, 2006

 Date Updated

 December 7, 2011








 type of sex: masturbation, self(onanii)

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 activities: soap play(soopufechi)

 orgasm related: facial

 orgasm related: sperm play

 props: sex toys

 angles/type: pov



Maaya Kurihara in Onamate Maaya Kurihara in Onamate Maaya Kurihara in Onamate Maaya Kurihara in Onamate Maaya Kurihara in Onamate Maaya Kurihara in Onamate Maaya Kurihara in Onamate
Maaya Kurihara in Onamate Maaya Kurihara in Onamate Maaya Kurihara in Onamate Maaya Kurihara in Onamate Maaya Kurihara in Onamate Maaya Kurihara in Onamate Maaya Kurihara in Onamate


Maaya Kurihara

Scene 1:  Movie starts off with the very first girl - Asuka pleasuring herself with her own hands. Halfway through and she begins to remove her tops while flashing a small dildo and starts to apply it on her pussy. Another big dildo then takes over the role to stimulate her pussy as she screws herself to climax.


Scene 2:  Scene commences with the Asukal blowing off a cock and gets a mouthful of semen in her mouth. She then baths and takes on another guy in sex - where it begins with the guy first kisses and touches her entire body tenderly, and fingers her to orgasm shortly afterwards. Blowjob is up next, followed by casual sex in various positions. Another mouth shot finally brings Asuka's action in this movie to an end.


Scene 3:  Yui - the second (and in fact looks the most innocent among all the girls featured) girl featured in this movie takes on all the actions performed by Asuka (the first girl featured). Why watch then? Well, the answer is rather simple... cause she looks so innocent, and it's always great to watch how an innocent looking girl gets screwed.


Scene 4:  Here comes the girl of the movie - Nana. She's prettier than tons of professional JAV starlet and bears along with her a pair of perfectly shaped boobs and tits. To make her better still, she is really aggressive in sex as one can see how she moves her hips along with the movement of a dildo just as she's about to reach her climax. In short, Nana definitely outshines all the girls featured in this movie in performing whatever actions with her great face, body and enthusiasm in sex.


Scene 5:  Forth and final girl, which looks pretty ordinary but makes herself worth in JAV filming with her horny nature. Actions are pretty much the same, only that one will get to see how a horny girl is pumped!


Reviewed by  Maximilie



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