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 Naked Continent

 with Amateur

By looking at this cover, everyone is expecting and wanting one thing from this film, our starlet to get it on with some Africans! Well there is some suspense here, but the final scene is the payoff. Very hot to see a Japanese girl standing naked amongst a REAL African tribe! [more..]


 Video Title

 Naked Continent




 Soft on Demand

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 Date Added

 September 20, 2006

 Date Updated

 December 11, 2011








 type of sex: exhibitionism and voyeurism

 type of sex: interracial

 type of sex: masturbation, self(onanii)

 type of sex: nature sex

 type of sex: public sex

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 orgasm related: breast cumshot

 props: sex toys

 angles/type: interview

 angles/type: pov


 Highly Recommended



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Scene 1:  The star of this film starts off sitting at a table being interviewed. She is then shown in a car driving through a safari park with lions, bears and other thes. The camera man then pulls up her skirt despite her resistance. He then slides his hand into her panties and plays with her clit and then puts his hand down her top and plays with her breasts.


Scene 2:  They are then in a room sitting on the bed and he has a vibrator which he is using to rub over her pussy. He then takes off her underwear, and it doesn't even seem like there is a mosaic, it's so light! He continues rubbing the vibrator over her pussy which continues to drive her wild. He then undresses her and plays with her breasts for a little while before pulling out this big vibrator which he uses on her clit. Her body shakes and she smiles in pleasure as he continues to work her. He then gets on his knees infront of her face with his cock hard at full attention. She touches it and starts stroking it as he is finger fucking her pussy. She then takes his cock closer and wraps her lips around it and gives him a blowjob. He then slides his dick into her already wet pussy and fucks her. He finishes by pulling out and shooting his cum on her chest.


Scene 3:  She is at the airport, and has an interview there and eventually boards her plane. We see her in her seat and we get a view out of the window of her flight. She then arrives in some African country and she is wandering around the airport. She then drives to, and is walking around town where we see a lot of local people in the market place with who she interacts. She seems so out of place in this setting, but she looks so hot!


Scene 4:  She is with a bunch of African women, and she is getting her hair braided in corn rows. She looks even hotter with this done.


Scene 5:  She is in her hotel room being interviewed by the same guy she fucked in the beginning. She is very excited and with them both naked she takes his cock in her hand and licks it with her tongue and sucks him off. She gives him a great blowjob. She then slides onto his cock and rides him cowgirl at first and then lays her down and fucks her missionary. He finishes by cumming in her pussy. We see his warm semen dripping out of her pussy.


Scene 6:  They are driving through the plains and we see lions, cheetah's and other exotic thes on car ride. On her ride they stop and she laughs at amazement when she watches a Zebra get a huge hard on. She gets out of the vehicle because she has to go to the bathroom. She heads over to a tree and pulls down her pants and proceeds to go pee right there. She pulls out a tissue and wipes herself clean and then pulls up her pants, but not before we get a nice look at that bush. Once they stop she removes her top to bath herself by this water pump. It is dark out, so the scene is being shot with night vision. They then setup their tent and settle in for the night.


Scene 7:  In the morning they get back in the van and diver further and we see some more beautiful wildlife. They reach a small village in the middle of nowhere. The native Africans come over to greet her. She very nicely greets them. She looks absolutely beautiful here wearing a white t-shirt and black pants. She is then surrounded by the entire village which includes men, women and andxren. They take off her top to expose her tits. She then poses with them for a picture. We get a look at the people and they are definately the real deal. The women are not wearing tops either and have their tits saggin down. There are men with machine guns too, so this had to be a bit scary for her. God bless her for it though. She is then given a tour of the village and has lunch with them.


Scene 8:  They get back into the van and continue driving and stop at another village. It is night so the scene is shot mostly in night vision. The Africans are dancing togethor in a group. She joins in for some of the dancing and is embraced by the locals for doing so.


Scene 9:  It is now morning and she is standing with an African guy who is wearing a wrap around his waist. She drops to her knees with a big smile and undoes his wrap to reveal his big cock. She then takes his cock in her mouth and starts to suck him off. His cock gets hard and she continues taking his huge rod in her mouth. He then lays on the ground and she continues sucking him off. She then undresses and gets naked and then resumes sucking his big black cock. She then takes a condom and puts it over his cock and continues blowing him. She gives a very lengthy blowjob, and seeing a Japanese girl naked blowing a naked African guy in the middle of the trees is very hot! She then takes his cock and tries to slide down on it, but is having a tough time. The camera guy reaches in and takes off the condom and throws it away! She slides onto him and rides hm cowgirl the whole way. He even cums inside her without a condom. She better be expecting an African baby in about 9 months.


Reviewed by  javlover




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