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 New Face

 with Maria Ozawa

All I have to say is when does her next movie come out!!! This was Maria Ozawa's debut movie and it was for S1 so you know the production was great. What can I say about her except that she is the next big thing to hit the JAV scene, and I guarentee she will be huge in the months to come. I don't believe in women being perfect, but I couldn't find one thing wrong about her. A great peroffspringality on camera, a round and perfect ass, great set of hooters, superb stomach, a long and slender back, nice hair, long legs, and a demon in the sack. This movie wasn't big in terms of variety or different types of scenes, however it was more straightforward. It was a 10 if I could I would give it a 100 out of 10. Get this movie now! If you weren't a fan before and did not know about her, watch this movie and be an awe of her just like me.  [more..]


 Video Title

 New Face


 Maria Ozawa



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 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 January 24, 2017

 Date Updated

 August 5, 2011








 type of sex: masturbation, self(onanii)

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 breast related: big breasts

 orgasm related: breast cumshot

 orgasm related: facial

 props: sex toys

 costumes/apparel: lingerie

 costumes/apparel: stockings(pansuto)


 Highly Recommended



Maria Ozawa in New Face Maria Ozawa in New Face Maria Ozawa in New Face Maria Ozawa in New Face Maria Ozawa in New Face Maria Ozawa in New Face Maria Ozawa in New Face
Maria Ozawa in New Face Maria Ozawa in New Face Maria Ozawa in New Face Maria Ozawa in New Face Maria Ozawa in New Face Maria Ozawa in New Face Maria Ozawa in New Face


Maria Ozawa

Scene 1:  We get our first look at Maria as she is talking into the camera, and so far only after three minutes, I am in utter awe of this girl. She is in a very sexy US Army see through shirt and she is massaging her breasts. My goodness, this girl has a fantastic body and a face of a goddess. She doens't look fully japanese as some of her facial features are different than the normal japanese girls. Maria plays with her round breasts some more and teases the camera. She takes off the bra and we get a first look at her exposed chest and they are perfect. She rubs and plays with her tits some more, until she pulls down her pants. With all the right features she has to have something wrong with her, however that is not the case. She is perfect and her body is fabolous, not to mention that her ass is superb. Maria is standing up and with one hand massages her breasts and plays with her pussy. There hasn't been any sex yet and only light exposure and self touching and I'm already aroused. There is a split scene where in both she is masturbating. One of them she is laid down on a marble floor next to a fire place were she goes at it with her fingers until she cums.


Scene 2:  As the camera slowly makes its way up we can see maria wearing high heels, a very sexy pair of jeans, and a black top. I never knew anyone could make jeans look so damn sexy. Maria and the man start to make out and soon there on the couch as the man is licking her nipples. Its not everyday you get to fuck a goddess, this man is the luckiest man ever! He goes down and through the jeans she is wearing kisses her and teases Maria. She takes off her top and straddles him making out with him. Not only does she have perfect features, but she has a long beautiful back as well. She lowers his pants and starts to suck him off. I love the way she softly moans while she pleasures him. She gets down on her knees and takes his cock in her mouth until he pulls out and cums on her face.


Scene 3:  Maria is on top of a long stairway wearing a very extravagant two piece lingerie. I didn't think it was possible, but she looks better in this scene than she did the last. A man comes in and starts to fondle her breasts from the back. Maria is now in a white one piece bathing suit. The man plays with her tits and rubs his fingers on Maria's pussy. He pulls off the top portion and sucks on her round breasts. Maria is standing and exposes her pussy, the man lubes his finger up and sticks it inside while sucking on her tits. Maria is now facing the wall bent over completely naked as the man finger fucks her fast. Holy Cow he finger fucks her really fast and she squirts all down his fingers. Maria now gets on her knees and takes the mans dick inside her throat. She bends over next and gets taken doggystyle. The way they shoot this next shot is amazing. The underneath shot shows an incredible view of her tits bouncing and hitting each other. He moves her over and bends her down on the stairs and once again does her doggystyle. Maria sits down on the mans cock and rides him reverse cowgirl, until she turns around and faces him. They move down the stairs and the man does her doggystyle again pounding away at her until he cums right on her face.


Scene 4:  We have maria next sitting down in a leather outfit, getting teased by a man holding vibrators. Maria is just one of those girls that looks great in anything she wears. She could be dressed in a trash bag or a raggy clothes and she would still be smoking. The man whips out all sorts of vibrators small ones and big ones and pleasures her. He inserts a vibrating dildo inside her and licks her clit. He switches to the big vibrator on her clit and manually sticks the dildo inside her quickly until she cums.


Scene 5:  This movie really has one consistent theme throughout the movie and that is Maria looks better as it progresses. She is now in a stunning red dress, kissing a man. The man takes off her top and sucks her tits. Soon he moves down and sits her on a couch while he eats her out. He fingers Maria and she drips her juices all over him. She lies back and rolls up her ass while he finger fucks her. Maria takes control now and pulls the man back to suck his cock. Soon enough he has her doggystyle on the couch. He bends her over the couch now and takes her doggystyle. As Maria now rides him reverse cowgirl we can see how amazing she looks taking the cock. Bouncing up and down should turn on everyone and anything with andx in their veins. She turns around and rides him showing a great shot of her beautiful ass. They get in the missionary were the man seems to be enjoying himself. I really don't know how these men can last this long because if I were them it would have been over before it started. The man pulls out and he cums in Maria's mouth.


Scene 6:  Maria is poolside playing with herself. A man enters and now they are inside the pool making out. What would make Maria hotter then is already is? A wet Maria Ozawa! She is wearing a cute bikini and looks great with half wetted hair. The man plays with her tits and pussy, while Maria gently moans. She lies back and the man now fingers her slowly stopping once and awhile to show how wet Maria gets. He turns Maria over and has her suck his cock. The position she is in is trully magnificent because you get a great view of everything. The man stands her up and he puts his cock inside, until he switches her legs into the doggystyle position. She lies on her back with him underneath and he slams Maria hard. Maria now is riding him reverse cowgirl. She lies on her side after a while and he takes her butterfly while she plays with herself. I love the way that Maria doesn't over act the part and keeps the moaning to a realistic minimum. The man goes at it until he cums on her mouth and Maria kindly sucks him off a bit after.


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