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 Sex at School

 with Meru Ayase

You don't need to wonder why pretty girls like Meru here are simply more popular with boys and teachers. This film record of Meru's enriched school life tells you every reaoffspring why. She has a sweet mouth and a flexible body by which all her classmates and teachers will remember this honey forever. Her pleasant nature wins her long-lasting friendship and in the process of dealing with boys, she gains much precious knowledge.  [more..]


 Video Title

 Sex at School


 Meru Ayase



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 Date Added

 April 10, 2011








 type of sex: masturbation, self(onanii)

 type of sex: threesome, mmf

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 orgasm related: facial

 props: sex toys

 girl type: submissive

 costumes/apparel: athletic

 costumes/apparel: gymnast(reotaado)

 costumes/apparel: school girl(gakuseifuku)



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Meru Ayase in Sex at School Meru Ayase in Sex at School Meru Ayase in Sex at School Meru Ayase in Sex at School Meru Ayase in Sex at School Meru Ayase in Sex at School Meru Ayase in Sex at School


Meru Ayase

Scene 1:  In an impossibly short skirt, Meru steps inside the infirmary, but she walks in on a male classmate reading aporn magazine, with his pants down. This rough boy falls on this obedient girl immediately, caressing the whole of her young curvy body. He pays particular attention to her erogenous zones, her tits and boobs, by finger-fucking her sensitive pussy, making her howl tragically. Following an impressive 69 comes heated sex, when the boy enters this girl lying on her back. Though looking young and innocent, this damsel performs very well when riding a cock or getting ferociously dogfucked. The eventual missionary style motivates this lecher to dump a fresh load of semen on her tongue. This clever girl gains much delight in helping her classmate out.


Scene 2:  Seated alone in the empty classroom, Meru works on her assignments, but she soon finds it boring, so this fun-loving lass finds her own way of recreation in no time at all. She uses a vibrator to stimulate her pussy in the beginning, yet she later decides to turn to a huge hand vibrator instead. It seems that this girl does know how to please herself at leisure. And finally, she achieves orgasm on her own.


Scene 3:  In a red gym suit, Meru enters the teachers' office, finding her PE teacher rather depressed. This smart girl knows how important a girl can be in comforting a man, so this endearing lass agrees to console this old goat as he embraces her. She allows this lecherous man stroke and taste all her erogenous areas. He bends down to savor her tits and juicy pussy like crazy. In turn, this sweetie is induced to lick all over the teacher's body. After he feels contented, he gets a golden chance to fill this young girl's mouth with his meaty rod. Then, knowing that there is hardly any other way for a student to repay her diligent teacher, this schoolgirl wisely chooses to physically pacify her teacher by getting vigorously thrusted lying on her back. Afterward, she proves to be a capable cock rider and she looks particularly attractive when seriously pounded from the rear. As expected, the final missionary style gets this educator to jump up and splatter all over this cutie's adorable face, making her look even more charming and alluring.


Scene 4:  Meru's colorful school life gets better as time passes. One day, in the locker room, this beauty finds that her classmate has a lot of admiration for her. This boy appears to have a thorough knowledge of using small toys to make her scream. This cruel boy applies sofffully a few vibrators to her boobs and her succulent catling, who inserts these useful tools to drill her pussy so that all she can do is moan and tremble uncontrollably. This fortunate girl knows another way to get high and make her lovers proud of her.


Scene 5:  When passing men's toilet, Meru needs to help her male classmate now, who has difficulty urinating because of his injured hands. This kind-hearted girl is always ready to assist her male classmates in need. In a very shy manner, she helps jerk the guy's dick to make him succeed in urinating. Yet, since he has already had a hard-on with her soffful hands, what comes inevitably is her timely oral assistance. Kneeling on her schoolbag, this sweet darling gives wonderful head, exhibiting surreal oral soffs that don't match her age. Convinced that all her efforts will pay off on campus, she gains precious facial care when her classmate explodes right all over her face, covering her right eye with nutritious cum. Though feeling a bit uneasy, this thoughtful girl feels great in helping others out, so she cleanses the shaft totally dry to make this boy remember her forever.


Scene 6:  Meru gets to know the essence of getting along well with her classmates, especially when two of her male classmates desire to know better about her. The rude boys don't scaat time massaging her beautiful body. This intelligent girl surely knows that her great body is really useful in broadening her social circle. This considerate lass moans slightly as the two lewd guys stroke and sample each of her sensitive zones to their hearts' content. They also know how to let their female classmate whimper persuasively with right tools -- a huge hand vibrator. This way, the boys earn themselves a good chance to jampack this sluttish girl's little mouth by turns. What can be a better way of socializing with your female classmate by screwing her sultry mouth? Of course, this slender girl fully presents her female value when the guys take turns filling her orifices, leaving her panting and slurring with her mouth and vagina constantly stuffed. A girl looks best when her orifices are filled. Look at Meru now -- how appealing she looks when violently penetrated in various styles and how hard she sweats to satisfy the two studs. She gyrates rythmically and cries melodiously (sometimes when her mouth isn't stuffed) until the boys feel it alright to cum-plaster her pretty face to reward all her struggles. You see, it's just pleasurable and rewarding to be a campus darling.


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