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 First Nakadashi

 with Ai Haneda

Ai Haneda plays four roles in this movie. She is an OL, she is a race queen, she is a high school student and she is a party girl. In all her roles, especially the race queen and party girl scene, she looks extremely seductive as she copulates with the guy with some parts of her outfit still on. Ai is in total control throughout the movie and is seen seducing guys and having her way with guys at different stages in her life. Highly enjoyable for the great acting, great outfits and hot AV star. [more..]


 Video Title

 First Nakadashi


 Ai Haneda


 Soft on Demand

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 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 April 2, 2011








 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 pussy related: pussy squirting(shiofuki)

 orgasm related: internal cumshot(nakadashi)

 props: glasses(gankyou)

 costumes/apparel: business woman

 costumes/apparel: race queen(reesu kuiin)

 costumes/apparel: school girl(gakuseifuku)

 costumes/apparel: stockings(pansuto)



Ai Haneda in First Nakadashi Ai Haneda in First Nakadashi Ai Haneda in First Nakadashi Ai Haneda in First Nakadashi Ai Haneda in First Nakadashi Ai Haneda in First Nakadashi Ai Haneda in First Nakadashi
Ai Haneda in First Nakadashi Ai Haneda in First Nakadashi Ai Haneda in First Nakadashi Ai Haneda in First Nakadashi Ai Haneda in First Nakadashi Ai Haneda in First Nakadashi Ai Haneda in First Nakadashi


Ai Haneda

Scene 1:  Glamour shots. The movie starts off with upbeat music and AV star Ai Haneda posing for glamour photography around the city. Ai is seem striking poses wearing a race queen outfit, a schoolgirl outfit, a party outfit and an office lady outfit. We see doing a very sensual dance at a club, we see Ai sitting a desk looking sophisticated wearing eye glasses working on a computer, we see Ai partying in a hot party outfit as well as Ai striking a pose lying down on a bed in a casual t-shirt.


Scene 2:  We are in a professional office. We see Ai grab a male co-worker and drag him into a storage room. Ai is a white business blouse, a metallic dress watch, black dress pants and high heel pumps. She has eye glasses on to finish her sophisticated OL look. The male co-worker is reluctant to go along with Ai but she quickly uses her female charms and seduces him. A glance here, a touch of his body there, a wink, a flirty gesture and he surrenders his self control to his hormones. He opens up her white business blouse to reveal a purple bra. He rips a hole in the crotch of her black business trousers to reveal matching purple panties. He rubs her breasts with her bra on. He lifts her bra off and rubs her well endowed chest. Ai acts aroused. He rubs her between her legs through her purple panties. Ai wants more, takes off her trousers, panties and kicks off her pumps. He fingers Ai and she squeals. Ai now wants more and strips the guy. She stimulates his rod before he stands up behind Ai and inserts his rod into her. She lies him down, rides him like a wild cowgirl before entering into the missionary position with him. He explodes and Ai smiles a very satisfied smile.


Scene 3:  Inside a mansion, we see Ai walking up a flight of stairs with a guy in tow. Ai is wearing a blue and white race queen outfit. She has on a mini vest, a bikini top, a mini skirt, skin tone pantyhose, knee high boots. Ai reaches the top room in the mansion and sits down on the bed. Ai spreads her legs apart, lifts up her skirt and we can see that underneath her skin tone pantyhose, she has on wild the print panties. The guy is stunned and does not know what to do. Ai however does know what to do with the guy. Ai strips him and presses down on his rod with her high heel boot. Ai readies his rod for action with her rather unique technique. Ai rubs his rod with her boot as if she were expertly manipulating the gas pedal of a race car. Afterwards, Ai lies down on the bed and spreads her legs apart, presenting her pantyhose and wild the print panties covered private area for the guy to see. The guy rubs Ai's private area through her pantyhose and panties for a while before moving his hands up, lifting up her bra top and massages her rather mounds of flesh. He works on Ai's bare breasts and Ai gets visibly excited although she is still in control. Ai wants more and rips the crotch of her own pantyhose. The guy pulls her panties aside and orally stimulates Ai. Ai is now very flustered and in heat. Ai climbs on top of the guy and orally stimulates his rod while he simultaneously orally stimulates her private area between her legs. After a lengthy mutual stimulation, Ai gets up, removes her best, bra and skirt, leaving her only in her the print panties, ripped pantyhose and knee high stiletto heeled boots. Ai mounts the guy like a cowgirl and rides him long and hard. Ai moans and moans. Ai afterwards crouches on the bed and the guy inserts his rod into her behind. Ai looks very sexy as she copulates with the guy wearing only her pantyhose, panties and tall boots. Her breasts bounce around a lot as she remains surprisingly composed during the last part of copulation.


Scene 4:  Ai is in a schoolgirl outfit complete with school dress shirt, school tie, tartan skirt, knee socks, loafers and a laptop computer bag. She drags a guy into the school washroom and pins him. He refuses to put out so Ai seduces him. She lifts her tartan skirt and gives him a good glance. She strips him, opens up her blouse and places his hands on her bra. She teaches him how to properly massage her breasts. Ai takes off her bra and has him orally stimulate her breasts. Ai removes her skirt and panties. Ai guides his rod into him and he loses all control as he copulates with Ai who looks to be in full control of the copulation.


Scene 5:  Ai is on a staircase at a dance club. Ai is wearing a pink tube top, black short shorts, gold necklace, silver fashion watch and knee high black boots. She lies a guy down on the staircase, spreads her legs on top of the guy and seductively grinds her hips right over his face. Her crotch and shorts rubs all over his face. After a good long grind, Ai removes her shorts and grinds over his face with just her panties. Ai pulls her panties aside and grinds her gates of heaven right over his face. Ai strips the guy and orally works hard on stimulating her rid while the guy is working hard at orally stimulating Ai through her panties. Ai stands on the bed in her high heel boots, pulls her panties off and furiously massages the guys rod. The guy is going crazy just about now. Ai removes her top, her bra and is standing on the bed wearing just her knee high black leather boots. The guy copulates with Ai furiously. A lot of moaning and groaning is heard this time as this is the most furious copulation yet. Once the guy runs out of energy, a smiling, fullfilled Ai pulls her panties back on, her bra, her tube top and her shorts. Once fully dressed, Ai walks out on the guy.


Reviewed by  hunklee10001




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