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 Celebrity Soap Girl

 with Hitomi Tanaka

Hitomi Tanaka is the hottest of the ultra-busty JAV stars, and this movie shows off every inch of her unbelievable body in action. There's lots and lots of sucking and fucking her, with Hitomi's squishy, jiggly breasts as the constant center of attention. The movie does get a bit carried away with progressing from one position to the next: with a body like Hitomi's in front of you, you want to just stare and stare as she works her magic. But in the end, this one definitely delivers. [more..]


 Video Title

 Celebrity Soap Girl


 Hitomi Tanaka


 Soft on Demand

 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 July 14, 2009








 type of sex: lesbianism(rezubian)

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: foot play(ashifechi)

 activities: pussy eating

 activities: soap play(soopufechi)

 activities: titty fucking(paizuri)

 breast related: big breasts

 orgasm related: facial

 props: oil and jelly

 props: sex toys

 props: strap on

 angles/type: pov



Hitomi Tanaka in Celebrity Soap Girl Hitomi Tanaka in Celebrity Soap Girl Hitomi Tanaka in Celebrity Soap Girl Hitomi Tanaka in Celebrity Soap Girl Hitomi Tanaka in Celebrity Soap Girl Hitomi Tanaka in Celebrity Soap Girl Hitomi Tanaka in Celebrity Soap Girl
Hitomi Tanaka in Celebrity Soap Girl Hitomi Tanaka in Celebrity Soap Girl Hitomi Tanaka in Celebrity Soap Girl Hitomi Tanaka in Celebrity Soap Girl Hitomi Tanaka in Celebrity Soap Girl Hitomi Tanaka in Celebrity Soap Girl Hitomi Tanaka in Celebrity Soap Girl


Hitomi Tanaka

Scene 1:  Hitomi is new to the soap motel, and in the opening scene she learns the ropes by playing the role of the man while the busty, sexy proprietress acts as the soap girl. Hitomi enters wearing a men's white dress shirt and black dress pants, with a bulge at the crotch that we soon discover is a pink rubber strap-on! The soap girl soon gets Hitomi out of her drag outfit and starts sucking on and playing with her massive tits, then busts out the soap for some slimy, gooey fun. The strap-on, unfortunately, doesn't get any use, and Hitomi ends up naked for most of the scene, which is not at all a bad thing. Plenty of nice breast-play in this scene, and a little cunnilingus, though it's mostly a soft-core tour of Hitomi's stunning physique.


Scene 2:  Next scene is shot POV and begins with Hitomi in a low-cut purple dress. We begin, naturally, with some quality breast fondling, then move to a blow-job that highlight's Hitomi's big, round doe eyes. The boobs come out again for some very nice tit fucking, followed by some surprisingly hot 69 action that is effectively a lingering close-up on Hitomi's tender little asshole. Finally, we come to the moment we've all been waiting for, when she climbs on top in the cowgirl position and starts bouncing up and down, her gargantuan mammaries flopping obscenely. This part of the scene is priceless, and doesn't last nearly long enough: it's just a few minutes before Hitomi is on her back getting a small wad of cum on her right breast.


Scene 3:  More POV, with Hitomi in a red bikini. She takes out her tits, soaps them up, and rubs them against us, building up to a masterful tit job and some expert cock sucking. Eventually we switch camera angles, looking up from below as she sits back onto the guy's dick. Another all-too-short sequence of epic tit bouncing follows, concluding with some very sexy POV doggy style and a satisfying cum shot all over Hitomi's ass. This one has all the elements of a legendary scene, but rushes through everything. It ends up being merely very good where it could have achieved greatness.


Scene 4:  Same set-up as last scene, but this time Hitomi is in a black bustier, panties, and stockings. After a blowjob and a quick bath, we lie down on an inflatable mattress and Hitomi leans over us, using her pendulous boobs to apply soap to our body. The POV camera angle continues with the man lying on his stomach and Hitomi rubbing his back, leading to a nice rim job that is (once again) over before it has really begun. Fortunately, the scene heats up with Hitomi in a series of increasingly sexy positions: flaunting her sweet anus, bouncing on top like a cowgirl, and finally lying on her back for a tit-jiggling conclusion. It still feels like they're trying to squeeze in too many positions, but the action here is definitely hot enough to satisfy any viewer!


Scene 5:  Hitomi's in a white tank top and denim mini-skirt, and this time they get creative with her tits. First we use a pair of vibrating massagers to warm up the titties, then place the head of our penis on her nipple as Hitomi dutifully licks both at the same time. The rest of the scene is Hitomi on her back getting fucked, with some nice close-ups of her shaved pussy and some first-class tit fucking thrown in to boot and a facial at the very end.


Reviewed by  exskinny




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