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 Promiscuous Sex Office

 with Meina MinamiYuu HarukaYayoi YanagidaNagisa Hoshikura




The chance of you or me working in an office like this one is less then the chance of lighting striking twice in the same place. Eighteen beautiful women, all willing to play games and engage in sexual acts with their male colleagues. Eighteen women who dress conservatively in blue or gray business suits, blue or white, professional high collar blouses, matching skirts, tan or black pantyhose and heels. Very low key, very demure. However, once their blouse or skirt comes off, you see vivid colourful lingerie. Games and activities are abundant in this movie. If you have ever dreamed of having your sexy co-worker, this film should be your fantasy come true. Watch it. Enjoy it. Believe it. [more..]


 Video Title

 Promiscuous Sex Office


 Meina Minami

 Yuu Haruka

 Yayoi Yanagida

 Nagisa Hoshikura



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 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 July 14, 2009








 type of sex: group sex

 type of sex: lesbianism(rezubian)

 type of sex: masturbation, self(onanii)

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 orgasm related: facial

 props: sex toys

 costumes/apparel: office lady(oh-el)



Meina Minami in Promiscuous Sex Office Meina Minami in Promiscuous Sex Office Meina Minami in Promiscuous Sex Office Meina Minami in Promiscuous Sex Office Meina Minami in Promiscuous Sex Office Meina Minami in Promiscuous Sex Office Meina Minami in Promiscuous Sex Office
Meina Minami in Promiscuous Sex Office Meina Minami in Promiscuous Sex Office Meina Minami in Promiscuous Sex Office Meina Minami in Promiscuous Sex Office Meina Minami in Promiscuous Sex Office Meina Minami in Promiscuous Sex Office Meina Minami in Promiscuous Sex Office


Meina Minami

Yuu Haruka

Yayoi Yanagida

Nagisa Hoshikura

Scene 1:  The movie starts off in a typical corporate office. All the female employees are lined up against a wall. They are all wearing business attire. Non-flashy colours of blue, gray, white and light pink. Some are wearing navy blue business suits, others are wearing gray business suits. They all have on high collar white or pink button up dress blouses. What does stand out is that all the ladies have on business style skirts but they are all too short to be called typical. They are all well above the knee. The ladies all have on tan or black pantyhose on and are all wearing standard office high heeled pumps. Most of the ladies have long hair and look really cute. In their office attire, the ladies look sexy in a subtle sort of way. We get to see a montage of all the actresses, fully dressed and partially dressed as a prelude of things to come.


Scene 2:  This scene starts showing the many women working in a co-ed office with the ladies outnumbering the guys by a lot. There are ladies working on computers, some are answering telephones and some are sorting out files. The men in the room leery greedily at their pretty co-workers. Two guys in suits flirt shamelessly with a girl in a white jacket as she is trying to focus on working on her spreadsheet on the computer. A red haired beauty wearing a gray suit with blue blouse carries a tray with two cups and a teapot. She delivers one cup of tea to the male co-worker who takes her right hand and places it on his crotch. She looks embarrassed but goes along with it. In another corner of the office, two long haired ladies in white blouses are trying to work the photocopier when a male co-worker comes up to them and feels their behind through their navy blue business skirts. As the camera pans around the office, three office beauties are massaging a bald guy's arms as he appears to have some seniority and is taking advantage of his subordinates. A line of office ladies is filling out forms along a cabinet when male co-workers come by and start to feel up their behind through their mini skirts and pantyhose.


Scene 3:  The boss comes into the room now and all eyes turn to him. As he walks into the room, his hands rub the behind of many female office workers he passes by. The boss has all the female co-workers stand up against one wall of the office. The males are ecstatic. There are approximately two dozen pretty office ladies in business suits, mini skirts and pantyhose all lined up along the wall. The ladies all look nervous. The boss asks each of the ladies their names and proceeds to gently squeeze each of their breasts through their jackets and blouses. The ladies who forgot to wear jackets will naturally have less protection from the groping. The ladies look embarrassed and a bit disgusted at his groping but they play along. The boss then grabs a random girl and orders her to the front. He has her take off her vest and white blouse. She has on a bright pink bra. A male co-worker then comes and measures her breasts. The boss the proceeds to take off her bright pink bra. He talks to her a bit more before they unzip and slide her gray business skirt off as well. That reveals tan pantyhose, bright pink panties underneath the pantyhose and slingback high heel shoes. They proceed to take measurements of her waist. The boss then orders all the front line female employees to take off their jackets and blouses which they all do with much reluctance. He then orders the skirts and bras to come off too. The front line employees are all left standing there in their tan or black pantyhose, panties and high heel shoe or sandals only. Then the male employees each pick a female co-worker, tear up her pantyhose and massage her by putting his hand in her panties. A very loud orgy erupts.


Scene 4:  With the girls all naked except for a little bit of tattered pantyhose and the occasional high heeled shoe still left on, all the girls have vibrators inserted into them. All the girls moan very loudly. The vibrators are used facing the camera then all the girls turn to face away from the camera.


Scene 5:  All the ladies are called into the bosses office, wearing just panties and their heels. The boss gives the green light and the male co-workers each take a girl and massage her through her panties. Within seconds, all the panties are off and all the girls are getting massaged to orgasm. Each of the girls gets eaten out by her guy and then are told to use their mouths to stimulate the guys until they explode.


Scene 6:  We are in the training room of this promiscuous office now. All the ladies are once again dressed in their business outfits, each of the ladies, there are about three dozen now, are sitting at a desk. The male instructor starts to teach. He steps his lesoffspring, turns his attention to the ladies and all the guys sneer. He orders all the ladies to climb onto a long table, bend down and have their behinds facing the guys. The girls are all wearing business skirts and pantyhose. We now have a row of 18 behinds facing 18 guys. The guys start to rub the girls first through their skirts, then they lift up their skirts and start to massage their behinds through pantyhose only! For the girls who wore tan pantyhose, the colour of their panties is clearly on display! The guys continue to rub and grope as the girls begin to moan in unioffspring. The girls tops all get peeled off now revealing a spectrum of coloured bras. Unable to resist now, the guys have the bras come flying off and all the girls get their breasts massaged. While bending over, the girls blow the guy standing in front of them while a guy behind them would rigorously massage them between their legs, through both pantyhose and panties. The girls scream loudly as they are massaged and this is with their pantyhose still on! Now skirts, pantyhose and panties come off as each of the girls has a guy do them.


Scene 7:  Several guys are sitting around the office, talking about the fun they have been having when all the girls, once again fully dressed in their office ladies attire come walking into the room. The office ladies are then instructed to gyrate as if having sex. Of course, they temporarily don't have partners and are fully dressed in their business suits and pantyhose. The ladies do some very sexy gyrations before behind told to turn around, bend down and touch their toes. As they bend down to touch their toes, a lot of their skirts begin to ride up and expose their coloured panties through their not so translucent pantyhose. The girls are then told to stand back to back and link arms. As one lady bends over, she lifts the other lady up and her skirt is up and open for everyone to get a good peak at what she has on underneath. A lot of embarrassment here for the ladies being lifted. The guys take full advantage of the lifted lady by moving their skirt up even further and massaging their crotch area. Only one of the ladies has on black pantyhose so her crotch area is relatively hidden, the others, wearing tan pantyhose have their panties very visible and welcoming to the touch of the guys. Then all the girls are told to sit on the ground with their legs in front of them in a V formation. This naturally means their skirts have to ride up to their waist. They are then told to reach out and touch the tops of their high heeled shoes. Colourful panties wrapped in pantyhose is in plain sight for anyone with their eyes open. The girls try their best to cover up their crotch area without much success. Then three guys lie on the floor and three girls straddle the guys. Their skirts are lifted to their waist and their pantyhose covered panties once again fully exposed. These girls have to glide back and forth over the guys crotch. The girls are then stripped and they all take turns riding the three guys until the guys can take it no more.


Scene 8:  The last scene has the girls all lined up giving guys the oral treatment. Their behinds are probed and then it breaks out into an all out orgy.


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