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 Suck the Dick

 with Erika SatoMaria OzawaReina Matsushima

Maria, Reina, and Erika are three of the hottest girls in the business, so it's a really treat to see them all together in a single video. Maria seems to have top billing in this one, since she gets the only solo scene and the final close up, but all three girls see plenty of action. There's a nice little lesbian scene between Maria and Erika and a great blow job scene with the girls in bras and panties, and of course there are some great shots of these very sexy girls screaming and jiggling as they get pounded. Overall, though, the action is not very creative, so this one is for the fans of straight-ahead porn who want to have their senses stimulated by three incredibly hot JAV superstars.  [more..]


 Video Title

 Suck the Dick

 aka Pacifier Venus


 Erika Sato

 Maria Ozawa

 Reina Matsushima



 Publisher ID


 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 January 13, 2009

 Date Updated

 June 11, 2009








 type of sex: group sex

 type of sex: lesbianism(rezubian)

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: hand job

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: foot play(ashifechi)

 hardcore activities: spitting

 orgasm related: cum swapping

 orgasm related: facial

 orgasm related: sperm play

 props: oil and jelly

 props: sex toys

 angles/type: pov

 costumes/apparel: lingerie

 costumes/apparel: teacher(sensei)



Erika Sato in Suck the Dick Erika Sato in Suck the Dick Erika Sato in Suck the Dick Erika Sato in Suck the Dick Erika Sato in Suck the Dick Erika Sato in Suck the Dick Erika Sato in Suck the Dick
Erika Sato in Suck the Dick Erika Sato in Suck the Dick Erika Sato in Suck the Dick Erika Sato in Suck the Dick Erika Sato in Suck the Dick Erika Sato in Suck the Dick Erika Sato in Suck the Dick


Erika Sato

Maria Ozawa

Reina Matsushima

Scene 1:  Our three lovely stars are in a classroom, looking very professional in their suits. A student is lying on one of the desks, and we get a POV angle as the three pull off his pants and play with his dick. Maria starts with the blow job while the other two girls lick his nipples, but they all get their turn sucking dick. Eventually, the girls take off their jackets and pull out their tits, then continue the licking and sucking, with Maria still doing most of the work. She finally gets a load of cum in her mouth, which she dutifully spits into Reina's hand. The girls seem fascinated by the load, and Erika sucks it up with pleasure.


Scene 2:  We begin with Maria in her office, dressed as a slutty business woman. A subordinate comes in, and Maria does a slow striptease, making him play with her gorgeous tits and wet pussy. The usual progression leads to sex on the sofa and the floor: Maria is as noisy as ever, and there's some superb boob-jiggling action with her on her back before the guy deposits his load on her face. We get a nice final shot of Maria playing with the cum and looking sexy for the camera.


Scene 3:  Erika and Reina are the a living room with two more subordinates. The heavy kissing and groping begins, and with the two girls right next to each other the guys can't resist occasionally reaching over to grab the other one's tits or play with her pussy. Fingering, sucking, and fucking all follow, and the two girls end up on their backs on a hot pink futon. The guys somehow manage to give them simultaneous facials... now that's timing!


Scene 4:  Erika is lying flat on her back, with Reina and Maria kneeling beside her. All three are in panties, but only Maria is wearing a bra. The proceed to dump a bunch of slime on Erika and rub it into her body. Once Erika is nicely covered, Maria takes off her bra and lies down with her. After a little kissing, Erika's panties are removed and Maria climbs on top of her to rub her tits all over Erika's body. After some sexy rubbing, Maria takes off her own panties and Reina busts out the vibrating toys to play with. Maria and Erika move to a scissors position and use a double-ended dildo-vibrator, thrusting and squealing to noisy orgasms. Reina looks a little jealous that she was left out!


Scene 5:  A guy is lying in bed when our three girls come in dressed in their underwear. They scaat no time getting everyone's clothes off and getting the action started. The girls take turns sucking and then riding the dick in that position, then the guy gets off the futon and Maria gets down on her hands and knees to take it like a good little doggy. Erika comes next, taking it on her side, and then Reina on her back, with some super bouncing tit action before he sprays his sperm on her face. Again, the girls act as if they had never seen semen before.


Scene 6:  The three girls in black bras and panties, with three naked guys at their command. The girls scaat no time putting the dicks in their mouths. Maria's guy is lying on the ground, and we get some great closeups of her sucking and jerking him. We move to Erika, just in time to see her get a load of cum on her chin and tongue (though most of it dribbles down to her cleavage). Afterward, it's over to Reina for her closeup... and her facial. The girls keep on sucking after their guys have cum, and we watch as first Erika then Reina manage to coax a few more drops out of their respective men. Both girls then kneel down next to Maria and watch closely as she finally finishes her man off with her hand. The guy stands up for round two, in which all three girls take turns sucking his rod before he blows another wad in Maria's mouth. We get a repeat of the first scene's finale as Maria spits the goo into Reina's hand, and Erika slurps it up.


Scene 7:  Our girls begin this scene in color coded lingerie (purple for Erika, teal for Maria, pink for Reina), and are immediately joined by three guys. The girls get kissed, groped, stripped, and licked before the guys arrange them in a circle on their backs, pull their legs up over their shoulders, and bring them together into a sort of volcano of ass. The guys then finger them furiously: the screaming is so loud you might have to turn down the volume! Eventually, they break up the volcano and move to a more standard group fucking orgy, trying out a wide variety of positions until they end up on their backs on a futon, titties bouncing happily away. A couple of guys come in from off camera to spice up the scene by blowing their wads on each of the girls' chests. After some more fucking, the scene ends with facials all around, and we get one final closeup of Maria enjoying the mess on her face.


Reviewed by  exskinny



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