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 First Fuck

 with Miyabi Tsukishima

19 year-old Miyabi Tsukishima is new to the scene, and this is her debut movie. She is a real cutie with a young, cat-like face and sly smile. She has a real nice and thin physique with cute, well-sized breasts. Miyabi is certainly a welcome newcomer, and you will agree after watching her debut. [more..]


 Video Title

 First Fuck


 Miyabi Tsukishima



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 Date Added

 August 5, 2008

 Date Updated

 June 14, 2009








 type of sex: threesome, mmf

 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: finger fucking

 orgasm related: cum swallowing(gokkun)

 orgasm related: facial

 props: sex toys

 costumes/apparel: maid(meido)

 costumes/apparel: school girl(gakuseifuku)



Miyabi Tsukishima in First Fuck Miyabi Tsukishima in First Fuck Miyabi Tsukishima in First Fuck Miyabi Tsukishima in First Fuck Miyabi Tsukishima in First Fuck Miyabi Tsukishima in First Fuck Miyabi Tsukishima in First Fuck
Miyabi Tsukishima in First Fuck Miyabi Tsukishima in First Fuck Miyabi Tsukishima in First Fuck Miyabi Tsukishima in First Fuck Miyabi Tsukishima in First Fuck Miyabi Tsukishima in First Fuck Miyabi Tsukishima in First Fuck


Miyabi Tsukishima

Scene 1:  Miyabi's first scene has her donning the classic schoolgirl uniform, and man does she wear it well! She's a bit nervous at first, but soon gets relaxed as her man starts kissing and caressing her. He exposes her perky nipples and plays with them, proceeding to finger and suck on her pretty pussy. She exposes his eager and erect penis from his underwear and pays it some lip service. Her man then slides his penis into her and begins thrusting away. Miyabi is definitely a joy to watch getting fucked, and the schoolgirl tie tops off the look in this scene. The guy plasters her face with his load at the end of the scene, and we hear some of her thoughts about her first fuck while his cum is still covering half of her face.


Scene 2:  Miyabi gets some fun toys to plays with in this scene. Namely, a pink vibrator, a cute lavender dildo, and a large, rotating dildo. She seems to like the rotating one the best, and pleasures herself with it until she is exhausted with satisfaction.


Scene 3:  If maid costumes are up your alley, Miyabi will not disappoint. She starts the scene out cleaning the house innocently until the resident enters the room and grabs her. He persuades her to stroke and suck on his cock and then starts kissing her, peeling off her delicate maid dress. He fingers her pussy vigorously and makes her really wet before they engage in a 69. They fuck on the couch and then Miyabi gets pounded from behind. She looks really good in her maid outfit as she gets fucked in various positions. The guy gives her a good screwing before he cums on her pretty face.


Scene 4:  In this scene, Miyabi is wearing a real cute pink dress and sexy leopard-print lingerie underneath. Her man tenderly removes her clothing while feeling her soft body and pristine skin. He gives her a good fingering before she takes his tool into her mouth and sucks it off. Miyabi fucks completely naked in this scene, so we really get a good look at her whole tight body as it gets thrusted. The guy pumps into her steadily and then shoots his cum over her well-toned stomach.


Scene 5:  Miyabi, wearing a delectable red bikini, gets down to business right away and starts going at the man's dick hungrily. After some hard sucking, he cums into her thirsty mouth.


Scene 6:  Two guys tend to Miyabi in the last scene, and they immediately start groping her and removing her clothes. They suck at her tits and rub her clit, making her writhe and moan in pleasure. She then services them, sucking and jacking both of their cocks at once. She continues sucking at one guy's dick while the other rams into her from behind. After the first guy gets his fill, she switches it up and mounts the second one for a ride. She gets fucked by him until he busts his nut on her breast. The other guy immediately follows and slams his cock into her rapidly, unleashing his semen on her face.


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