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 Big Magnum Fuck

 with Meisa Hanai

Another reviewer christened Meisa Hanai as his new favorite AV star, and it's not difficult to see why. She's still a little raw which just makes her that much cuter, and added to a fine body and pretty face, makes this seemingly ordinary video thoroughly enjoyable. [more..]


 Video Title

 Big Magnum Fuck

 aka Beautiful Woman Screaming


 Meisa Hanai



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 ActionJAV ID


 Date Added

 June 29, 2008

 Date Updated

 July 16, 2011








 activities: blow job(fera)

 activities: finger fucking

 activities: pussy eating

 activities: titty fucking(paizuri)

 breast related: big breasts

 orgasm related: facial

 props: sex toys


 Highly Recommended



Meisa Hanai in Big Magnum Fuck Meisa Hanai in Big Magnum Fuck Meisa Hanai in Big Magnum Fuck Meisa Hanai in Big Magnum Fuck Meisa Hanai in Big Magnum Fuck Meisa Hanai in Big Magnum Fuck Meisa Hanai in Big Magnum Fuck
Meisa Hanai in Big Magnum Fuck Meisa Hanai in Big Magnum Fuck Meisa Hanai in Big Magnum Fuck Meisa Hanai in Big Magnum Fuck Meisa Hanai in Big Magnum Fuck Meisa Hanai in Big Magnum Fuck Meisa Hanai in Big Magnum Fuck


Meisa Hanai

Scene 1:  The first scene has Meisa being treated to a black dick - she starts off being asked how long she expects it to be, after which the guy shows up. She scaats little time pulling off the dude's briefs and working the lucky guy off, rubbing and sucking and titfucking him till he comes on her face. Her rawness is still pretty evident as she has this palpable look of fear / worry right before he cums - but a nice opener nonetheless.


Scene 2:  Meisa is sitting on a mattress when a dude in briefs comes up to her, and after a bit of mutual groping, she uses her cute little mouth and her amazing tits to work his dick - pretty awesome to watch her work it and work it good. The guy then returns the favor by licking and fingering her pussy as she moans loudly and gets REALLY wet, before the guy slides in and proceeds to pound her - Meisa looks really amazing being fucked, as her tits flop about and she moans madly. We end off with a facial cumshot - nicely done, and some pretty good fuckin'.


Scene 3:  The orange bikini clad Meisa lies on a mattress as a guy joins her and begins to rub her fine body up. Meisa scaats little time working on the guy's smallish dick with her tits (and what nice tits those are), with some lube spread over them to ease the titrubbing. She then gets on all fours, and after lube is spread on her ass, is penetrated from behind. The guy then lies her down and works on her pussy as she moans madly, before proceeding to ride the guy hard till he comes on her forehead. A little messy but Meisa's body makes up for any directorial flaws. She then gets a short interview after the scene.


Scene 4:  We find Meisa in a green spandex top, red panties, and more importantly, her hands and legs tied down and thus rendered completely vulnerable. Her partner begins to rub her body slowly and sensually, starting with her arms, then moving to her tits, and continuing on to her pussy - first fingers, then a massager, then a vibrating dildo with full insertion as Meisa moves from moaning to all out screaming. She then gets flipped around and BOTH toys are used on her as she goes out of her mind; after which she gets folded over and we get a nice view of her extremely worked pussy being worked some more. Meisa looks exhausted when it's all said and done.


Scene 5:  Meisa's in a cute blue dress as 2 guys enter the scene with her. The guys begin by working her beautiful tits before playing with her pussy, spreading her wide and licking and fingering hard. Meisa then sucks them off in turn as her pussy continues to get worked, and we even get some shiofuki, complete with Meisa going out of her mind screaming as she spews. We then get some sweet 3P sex as poor Meisa moans like she's going crazy, and both guys end off with cumshots to her face. Hot stuff and a nice end to a good vid.


Scene 6:  We get a lot of behind the scenes footage, and Meisa is really cute and bouncy - pretty interesting if you like that kinda thing.


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