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Rei Mizuna in Costume Play Sex Syndrome

 9 votes/9.6 avg

Costume play is huge theme in the JAV world. The costume in this movie stick pretty much to the school girl/dressed up theme, which really accentuates the innocent appeal of Rei. She shows us exactly how she likes her little pussy pleased in a very hot masturbation scene, where she blows her own juices. She doesn't quite squirt, but definitely lathers up her love hole. And she knows how to take a cock too! In the next scene she is fucked, in costume, rather vigorously. Rei later fucks with her glasses on, showing us just how smart she can be.


Costume Play Sex Syndrome with Rei Mizuna



JULIA in Female Doctors Ejaculation Clinic

 2 votes/8 avg

HUGE TITS! And Julia knows how to use them. Step into her clinic where she brings all the right tools for the job. Some surgeons have steady hands, but Julia mixes it up with her awesome breasts. Get a little sexual healing from her giant J-cup tits. Patient after patient release their loads directly onto to her fun balloons. After she gets off some patients, she shows us how she gets herself off. Eventually we are treated to a POV with her on top so we can watch her tits bounce with glory as she rides herself to orgasm.


Female Doctors Ejaculation Clinic with JULIA



Riona Suzune in Female Teachers Temptation

 3 votes/8 avg

Teacher movies are a steadfast staple of the JAV industry, but this movie takes that theme and improves it by giving us a teacher that will leave her students glued to their desks trying to hide thier boners. With a mature, yet nymphet type look, Riona looks cutes as hell shen she stares up from sucking cock. This film is abut teasing and tempation, but in the end Riona fucks herself to a passing grade!


Female Teachers Temptation with Riona Suzune



Saki Mishima in First Flower

 2 votes/8 avg

Another common theme to JAV films is the virginity breaking, deflowering, movies where new actresses like Saki are put on stage for their debut JAV appearance. In this film, it starts with an interview which leads to unfamiliar and often hesitant sex in front of the camera. This film contains three one on one scenes where Saki eases into the JAV industry. She often has the look of a deer frozen in headlights with her huge doe-like eyes. As each scene progresses, she warms up and begins to really enjoy this new found career!


First Flower with Saki Mishima



Yuna Mizumoto in Kiss and Lesbian Promiscuity Special

 2 votes/8 avg

This is a fantastic lesbian/full on orgy film. These four ladies prove that they can work miracles together as they go from a four on one sucking session with one very lucky man to a full on orgy. In between there are some threesomes, with excellent lesbianism and straight sex. The final scene of the movies contains a classy set and luxurious costumes for the girls that really make them look sexy as hell. This is JAV group sex at its absolute finest.


Kiss and Lesbian Promiscuity Special with Yuna Mizumoto



RUMIKA in Gals Sisters Lesbian

 2 votes/8 avg

OK, I am not asking any questions about relationship status here. All I know is that if you are a fan of lesbian sex, then this flick is sure to please. There is something super hot about watching a sex woman hide behind the lip of a bedroom door as she peers into another very sexy womans masturbation session. This film is ripe with all of the staples of a typical lesbian movie, with some mutual masturbation, sexy pussy eating and furious finger fucking. The sex seems to be more intimate than usual and the film ends with the girls in each others arms resting.


Gals Sisters Lesbian with RUMIKA



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Tsubomi in Degeneration and Awaking

 3 votes/8.3 avg

This little bitch gets exactly what she deserves! Sure, the movies starts off soft with a photo shoot and a cutesy feel, but before you know it, Tsubomi is turned into a little cum bucket. After the shoot she is advanced upon and in no time at all, she is gagging on cock having her pantyhose torn away from her slight legs and ripe cunt. But is doesn't end there, Tsubomi is locked in a cage and made to be a plaything for a sadistic couple. The woman seems to get a great joy from expressing her cock envy through a strap on which she buries into Tsubomi. Poor little girl...


Degeneration and Awaking with Tsubomi



Alice Miyuki in Mejiri

 3 votes/8 avg

With Mejiri movies, it's always about the ass. Alice Miyuki is a great addition with her tall form and long legs leading to a perfectly shaped ass. The angles take every chance to accentuate her ass and often it is oiled up and drenched in cum. Alice is a pro as she is eager and willing to polish the knob after the load has been busted. Good Work Alice!


Mejiri with Alice Miyuki



Akari Hoshino in Kissing Lesbian Orgy

 6 votes/9.2 avg

Lesbian sex is at its best when it is two hot ass Japanese chicks deep into each others personal space. The sex starts soft with butterfly kisses and reluctant bra unclassping. Before you kow it they are down on a bed wrapped in each others arms, lips clasped tight, with each others hands buried deep in their panties. When all seems lost in heat, a cock enters the picture just long enoungh to blow a load on thier faces on their tongues for the simple purpose of lubricating further kissing.


Kissing Lesbian Orgy with Akari Hoshino



Wakana Kinoshita in Naughty New Teacher

 3 votes/7.7 avg

This Naughty New Teacher seems a little shy as she scurries into the classroom reluctantly. The class sizes her up and as she warms up she pulls the star student out of the class for a little demonstration. She sucks his cock dry as the other students cheer on. This is one teacher that can teach from her knees and really knows how to satisfy the crowd.


Naughty New Teacher with Wakana Kinoshita



Misa Yuuki in Forbidden Deep Lesbian

 3 votes/8.3 avg

For as freaky, by western standards, as JAV can sometimes get, one taboo to hold on strong in Japan has been lesbian sex. God forbid, the chicks actually show desires outside of subtle teasing to get fucked good by another woman. This flicks blows that taboo right out of the water. My favorite scene is in the middle with two mature looking woman that fuck and suck like they know exactly what they want and who they want it from....another woman!


Forbidden Deep Lesbian with Misa Yuuki



Marin Minami in First and Final Anal FUCK

 4 votes/9 avg

It's like I always say, "there ain't no ass fucking like a double penetration fucking." Who doesn't like getting twice the bang for the fuck? This double team wastes no time with her pussy, preferring to tease her ass to the point where it can straight up swallow a cock. The asshole is definitely the preffered port of entry in this flick and she takes home some rectal souvenirs to remember her good time.


First and Final Anal FUCK with Marin Minami



Sophia Nikaidou in Vaginal Ecstasy Woman

 3 votes/8.7 avg

S1 brings us Sophia Nikaidou and from the opening sequence of this title, it is clear that this movies is all about her oh so lovely breasts. To give us a full view view she teases a clear dildo attached to a glass wall with an exceptional blowjob and excited titty fucking. Then she fucks it for the audience. This is followed by straight sex scenes which showcase her sexy body and luxurious beauty, including a threesome and a guided dildo fucking on center stage...literally.


Vaginal Ecstasy Woman with Sophia Nikaidou



Shizuka Minamoto in Loss of Virginity

 4 votes/8.5 avg

From the train station to the studio, we are introduced to Shizuka. After a fairly long intro, she warms herself up by dipping her fingers into her panties. She looks at the cock presented to her in absolute awe and takes it into her mouth with an air of inexperience. She becomes reluctant as her breasts are fondled above her blouse. She doesn't really seem to have her head in the game and even with some thorough pussy eating to warm her up, she groans in pain as her cherry becomes history. She dresses up and heads home to put on a performance for her boyfriend that he is one getting the goods. If he only knew...


Loss of Virginity with Shizuka Minamoto




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