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 Hikaru Koto [古都ひかる]

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Hikaru Koto Hikaru Koto
Hikaru Koto


 Hikaru Koto [古都ひかる]


 Hikaru Kotou, Hikaru Coto








 85 cm (33 in)




 57 cm (22 in)


 86 cm (34 in)


 163 cm (5 ft 4 in)


 47 kg (104 lb)

 Blood Type



 May 26, 2012






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Osaka native Hikaru has made a real splash in her short adult career. Her innocent almost cross-eyed face has attracted many of her fans, and her volume and variety of work has kept them coming back for more. She's been busy, and we all can benefit from that.

Along with a youthful and cute face, Hikaru has long legs and sleek and sexy body. Hikaru sometimes acts a little young and childish, but when the sexing starts, that whole innocent act goes right out the window. She is a dexterous lover with amazing hand-mouth coordination.

If you only watch one movie by Hikaru Koto, make it "Idol Resurrected Through New Mosaic". The super-thin mosaic in this one caused a real stir when it was released in Japan, and it features Hikaru in some of her best work ever. We are guessing you won't want to stop at one, so also check out "Rainbow Costume Play". From school uniform to leotard to stewardess, Hikaru proves that it's what's going on underneath that counts. Hand-action fans will get a rise out of "My Lovely Angel". The way she stares at the camera really makes the viewer feel like he is getting the action of his life. But why stop there? That's only the tip of the iceberg, and there are more Hikaru Koto movies on the way!




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Hikaru Koto in My Lovely Angel

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My Lovely Angel

with Hikaru Koto [古都ひかる]

Added: 05/26/12





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