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 Chiharu Moritaka [森高千春]

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Chiharu Moritaka Chiharu Moritaka
Chiharu Moritaka


 Chiharu Moritaka [森高千春]








 86 cm (34 in)




 59 cm (23 in)


 88 cm (35 in)


 163 cm (5 ft 4 in)


 48 kg (106 lb)

 Blood Type





 May 13, 2008








 Highly Recommended



 (51 votes/4.9 avg)

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Welcome to the beautiful world of Chiharu Moritaka. Chiharu's career in JAV was brief, but memorable. She is a beautiful girl who has made a real splash with her mix of child-like innocence and passionate love-making on screen. Chiharu has an incredible body and we think you will enjoy the handful of her titles we have available.

Chiharu never does the same type of title twice, which makes her hard to pin down. However, she does carry a youthful innocence to ever her hard core roles, making them that much hotter.

Chiharu likes on top in "Chiharu Likes it on Top". Actually she likes it every which way she can, so check out this hidden gem. The odd and erotic "Give Up Human Being" is a very different title that is better seen than explained. If you like a little gothic strangeness with your hot sex, give it a spin. "School Lez Senior and Me Vol 55" is another solid title from this long running series. It feels a little more independent and raw, and therefore a little more real. Ruri Anno also stars.




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Ruri Anno in School Lez Senior and Me Vol 55

Full Windows Media Video movie available for this title

 10 votes/5.6 avg

School Lez Senior and Me Vol 55

with Ruri Anno [杏野るり]

& Chiharu Moritaka [森高千春]

Added: 05/13/08





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