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 Chiharu Maeda [前田千春]

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Chiharu Maeda Chiharu Maeda
Chiharu Maeda


 Chiharu Maeda [前田千春]






 82 cm (32 in)


 58 cm (23 in)


 83 cm (33 in)


 157 cm (5 ft 2 in)


 February 14, 2013






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Chiharu Maeda packs a lot of energy and sexual power into her skinny and petite frame. Even from her debut movie, Chiharu has shown she will go further than a lot of other actresses and seeing a girl this hot tied up or covered in lotion is a real turn-on.

Chiharu hasn't appeared in too many titles yet, but our collection is growing. Fans of girls with long straight hair will need to check Chiharu out. Especially before it is covered in one thing or another.

Which is what happens in "Lovely Semen". These six tales of semen play leave a sticky mess. Chiharu quickly goes from shy and quiet to giggling and then moaning for more. Watch a rose bloom for the first time in "First Impression 12". In one of the more unique titles we have seen recently, Chiharu Maeda gets taught how to squirt by a bespectacled lady friend in "Pussy Shower Training". These are life lessons that must be seen.




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Chiharu Maeda in Future Nurse

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Future Nurse

with Chiharu Maeda [前田千春]

Added: 02/14/13





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