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Site Updated: April 25, 2015

5025 JAV Actresses and 22577 Movies




japanese adult video = jav

Anri Suzuki

Anri Suzuki *new release*

Welcome to ActionJAV!

We offer the most detailed and exclusive online Japanese Adult Video (JAV) collection available anywhere in the world. Our feature rich website was designed by JAV fans for JAV fans and contains robust features like:


22577 JAV Movies . New releases added daily! All movies are cover to cover full length unedited features. Most films are high resolution DVD quality and are available in multiple streaming and downloadable formats. In addition, we provide comprehensive title information including personal reviews for many of the titles in our collection.


5025 JAV Actresses. Detailed actress information including profile, preview images and personal reviews.


210093 Images. Hardcore and softcore image collections of most major JAV actresses.


Fetish Film Finder 2.0. Exhaustive fetish classifications where you can find exactly what you want in seconds! No more sifting through thousands of movies looking for the perfect film.


Robust Infrastrucutre. 60 dedicated servers each with dedicated bandwidth. 51.72 TB of content providing 79210 hours of video! The collection is constantly growing with 10+ new movies being added each day.



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recently added movies


Azumi Yukino in Elevator Girl Behind Closed Doors

Elevator Girl Behind Closed Doors

with Azumi Yukino [千乃あずみ]

Added: 04/25/15



Emiri Suzuhara in Pretty Pleasure Squirting

Pretty Pleasure Squirting

with Emiri Suzuhara [鈴原エミリ]

Added: 04/25/15



Hibiki Otsuki in Pool Locker Room Prank

Pool Locker Room Prank

with Hibiki Otsuki [大槻ひびき]

& Saki Izumi [美泉咲]

& Kanari Tsubaki [椿かなり]

& Amateur [素人]

Added: 04/25/15



JULIA in Drowning in Pleasure

Drowning in Pleasure


Added: 04/25/15



Mirai Suzuki in Gangbang After School

Gangbang After School

with Mirai Suzuki [涼木みらい]

Added: 04/25/15



Rin Aoki in Woman Kicked the Tail

Woman Kicked the Tail

with Rin Aoki [青木りん]

Added: 04/25/15



Seina Nishino in Latest Super Esthetic Service

Latest Super Esthetic Service

with Seina Nishino [西野セイナ]

Added: 04/25/15



Yukiko Suo in Im Lovin You Its True

Im Lovin You Its True

with Yukiko Suo [周防ゆきこ]

Added: 04/25/15



Yuko Sakurai in Performer and Gorgeous Sex Life

Performer and Gorgeous Sex Life

with Yuko Sakurai [櫻井ゆうこ]

Added: 04/25/15



Alice Miyuki in 24 Hour Overnight Sex With Fans

24 Hour Overnight Sex With Fans

with Alice Miyuki [美雪ありす]

Added: 04/24/15



Emi Fukatsu in Single Ex Cabin Attendant 4

Single Ex Cabin Attendant 4

with Emi Fukatsu [深津映見]

Added: 04/24/15



Jessica Kizaki in 180 Minutes High Class Beauty

180 Minutes High Class Beauty

with Jessica Kizaki [希崎ジェシカ]

Added: 04/24/15



Kaho Shibuya in First Climax SEX 4 Fucks

First Climax SEX 4 Fucks

with Kaho Shibuya [澁谷果歩]

Added: 04/24/15



Maya Hashimoto in Secret Crush

Secret Crush

with Maya Hashimoto [橋本麻耶]

Added: 04/24/15



Minori Hatsune in Awe Inspiring Uncut Sex

Awe Inspiring Uncut Sex

with Minori Hatsune [初音みのり]

Added: 04/24/15



Rina Rukawa in S1 Final

S1 Final

with Rina Rukawa [瑠川リナ]

Added: 04/24/15



Rinka Onishi in Escalation Girl 254

Escalation Girl 254

with Rinka Onishi [大西りんか]

Added: 04/24/15



Tsubomi in 7 Timing Weekly Life 2

7 Timing Weekly Life 2

with Tsubomi [つぼみ]

& Rio Sakura [桜りお]

& Hibiki Otsuki [大槻ひびき]

& Kokomi Sakura [桜ここみ]

Added: 04/24/15



Yuuka Kokoro in Cyber Fuck

Cyber Fuck

with Yuuka Kokoro [心有花]

& Riria Himesaki [姫咲りりあ]

Added: 04/24/15



Ai Sayama in Great Technique to Keep Me Cumming

Great Technique to Keep Me Cumming

with Ai Sayama [佐山愛]

Added: 04/23/15



[more new movies...]



recently updated models



Number Of Films




Azumi Yukino

90(G)-62-85 157T



Emiri Suzuhara

85(C)-60-88 160T



Hibiki Otsuki

88(E)-57-85 162T




100(J)-55-84 157T



Kanari Tsubaki

90(E)-62-90 158T



Mirai Suzuki

84(D)-57-87 155T



Rin Aoki

108(K)-59-86 158T



Saki Izumi

88(F)-57-87 155T



Seina Nishino

83-56-83 150T



Yukiko Suo

86(F)-56-87 158T



Yuko Sakurai

110(L)-61-88 167T



Alice Miyuki

86(E)-56-85 167T



Emi Fukatsu

89(D)-63-90 167T



Jessica Kizaki

86(D)-60-87 160T



Kaho Shibuya

93(J)-60-90 150T



Kokomi Sakura

86(G)-55-87 155T



Maya Hashimoto

83(C)-58-84 155T



Minori Hatsune

89(H)-58-85 158T



Rina Rukawa

81(A)-59-85 155T



[more new and updated models...]



weekly awards

Ren Aizawa in Erection Power

Black Gals of the Week: Erection Power with Ren Aizawa and Rin Aikawa and Rino Katagiri and Yuzu Shiina ... I can't quite decide if this is about a party with a bunch of horny chicks, or if they're supposed to be all hookers. Who can tell with black gals, who are known for their slutty and sultry dispositions!

Locale of the Week: Public Toilet Cleaning Lady with Kaoru Hirayama and Aina Igawa and Yuuko Anzai and Saya Yasuda ... Have you ever walked in on a woman cleaning a public bathroom? Imagine if she were hot, and for some inexplicable reason she didn't feel the need to give you any privacy. I'm not sure we needed four hours of the same fantasy repeated with different actresses, but at least you can pick and choose your favorites!

Kaoru Hirayama in Public Toilet Cleaning Lady

Cocomi Naruse in Personal Sex Robot Gal

Sex Toy of the Week: Personal Sex Robot Gal with Cocomi Naruse ... Throw away your fleshlights, gents, because the Japanese have built the perfect sex bot! Well, it makes for a great fantasy at least. Just imagine a robot in the form of one of the most prolific Japanese porn stars of all time, doing every little thing you ask!

Stiffies of the Week: Persistent Hardon at the Hospital 2 with Rara Mizuki and Jun Sena and Ririka Hayama and Amateur ... I guess these guys took a bit too much Viagra, because they need some sweet little nurses to jerk and suck their erections away. Yeah I don't think it works like that, but I'd take free happy endings any day!

Rara Mizuki in Persistent Hardon at the Hospital 2

Marika 2 in DANDY Double Feature

Student and Teacher of the Week: DANDY Double Feature with Marika 2 and Manaka Miyano and Yumi Kotakisa and Karen Natsuhara ... A double-feature in JAV? This might be the first I've seen. The first movie's called 'Student Gets Mature Rich Kiss 1' and the second is 'Wet Panty Beautiful Tutor 2'. The tutor movie is pretty typical and nice if you've ever had the fantasy, but the student movie's pretty cool with a few amateur guys getting lucky!


featured movies

Anna Komukai in IT Company Presidents Luxurious Sex Orgy

Kei Megumi in Horny Near Nurse and Dental Assistant 1

Arisu Hatsumi in First King Nakadashi Game

IT Company Presidents Luxurious Sex Orgy with Anna Komukai


Orgy of the Week awarded the week of 2015-04-08. This. Is. Awesome. These chicks are into everything, including each other. It's truly a wild two hours from start to finish!


Horny Near Nurse and Dental Assistant 1 with Kei Megumi


Pervert of the Week awarded the week of 2015-04-08. I'll admit, I kinda have a thing for my Asian female dentist and like when she brushes against my arm. But this guy takes it to a whole other level, sporting obvious wood and whipping out right in front of these women. My hero!


First King Nakadashi Game with Arisu Hatsumi


Party Game of the Week awarded the week of 2015-04-08. And here I thought Cards Against Humanity was a wild party game. I can't follow the rules, or even what the guys are supposed to be doing half the time, but it's all very sexual in nature. These middle-aged men sure are lucky!




featured models

Azusa Ayano


Azusa Ayano

Azusa, a former model, has an incredible on-screen presence.



Cocomi Naruse


Cocomi Naruse

Cocomi has done it all, yet still looks adorable in a school uniform!



Kyoko Nakajima


Kyoko Nakajima

At barely five feet tall, Kyoko is sweet and petite. She has a well-proportioned body for her size, and her tiny areolas keep some of her fans tongues wagging.






Get ready for a wild ride when your fire up a Reika title. This bareback cowgirl from the Far East will blow more than your mind.



Marika 2


Marika 2

This chick enjoys watching porn. I'm a fan!






fetish film finder 2.0

type of sex:

 exhibitionism and voyeurism


 gangbang, reverse

 group sex



 masturbation, self(onanii)

 nature sex

 public sex

 threesome, mmf

 threesome, ffm



 anal play(anaru)

 ass licking

 blow job(fera)

 dancing and striptease

 double penetration(futa-ana)

 hand job

 finger fucking

 food play

 foot play(ashifechi)

 joint fucking(wakifechi)

 pussy eating

 soap play(soopufechi)

 titty fucking(paizuri)


hardcore activities:

 chair confinement


 rough sex

 rope play

 wax dripping


hardcore props:

 mouth gag


 slave cage


breast related:

 big breasts

 breast play(oppaifechi)

 breast squirting

 small breasts


pussy related:

 pussy cover

 pussy shaving(manko teimou)

 pussy squirting(shiofuki)

 shaved pussy(paipan)


orgasm related:

 ass cumshot

 belly cumshot

 breast cumshot

 cum swallowing(gokkun)

 cum swapping


 foot cumshot

 internal cumshot(nakadashi)

 leg cumshot

 sperm play

 sperm shower(bukkake)





 gynecology tool

 hidden vibe


 oil and jelly

 sex toys

 strap on



 hidden cam


 pick up(nanpa)


 story based



girl type:














 business woman

 cheer leader





 house wife






 office lady(oh-el)


 race queen(reesu kuiin)

 school girl(gakuseifuku)






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