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Site Updated: November 30, 2015

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Kotono *new release*

Welcome to ActionJAV!

We offer the most detailed and exclusive online Japanese Adult Video (JAV) collection available anywhere in the world. Our feature rich website was designed by JAV fans for JAV fans and contains robust features like:


23469 JAV Movies . New releases added daily! All movies are cover to cover full length unedited features. Most films are high resolution DVD quality and are available in multiple streaming and downloadable formats. In addition, we provide comprehensive title information including personal reviews for many of the titles in our collection.


5353 JAV Actresses. Detailed actress information including profile, preview images and personal reviews.


210093 Images. Hardcore and softcore image collections of most major JAV actresses.


Fetish Film Finder 2.0. Exhaustive fetish classifications where you can find exactly what you want in seconds! No more sifting through thousands of movies looking for the perfect film.


Robust Infrastrucutre. 60 dedicated servers each with dedicated bandwidth. 49.62 TB of content providing 79559 hours of video! The collection is constantly growing with 10+ new movies being added each day.



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recently added movies


Akari Minamino in Prostrate Slut Wants Cum

Prostrate Slut Wants Cum

with Akari Minamino [南野あかり]

Added: 11/29/15



Amateur in Finale Teacher In Love

Finale Teacher In Love

with Amateur [素人]

Added: 11/29/15



Momoka Sakai in School Girl Devil Gangbang 116

School Girl Devil Gangbang 116

with Momoka Sakai [酒井ももか]

Added: 11/29/15




Ran Niiyama in Ultra Breast Esthetician

Ultra Breast Esthetician

with Ran Niiyama [新山らん]

Added: 11/29/15



Reiko Nakamori in Huge Breasts Big Butt Soap Lady

Huge Breasts Big Butt Soap Lady

with Reiko Nakamori [中森玲子]

Added: 11/29/15



Riko Honda in Ultimate Cuckold Relationship

Ultimate Cuckold Relationship

with Riko Honda [本田莉子]

& Momoka Sakura [ももかさくら]

& Yuki Shiina [椎名結希]

& Amateur [素人]

Added: 11/29/15



Shiori Kamisaki in Big Tits Slut Lady

Big Tits Slut Lady

with Shiori Kamisaki [神咲詩織]

Added: 11/29/15



Tomoko Hinagata in Pussy Used Mainly For Nakadashi

Pussy Used Mainly For Nakadashi

with Tomoko Hinagata [雛形ともこ]

Added: 11/29/15



Yui Hatano in Omega Mix Erotic Goddess

Omega Mix Erotic Goddess

with Yui Hatano [波多野結衣]

Added: 11/29/15



Amateur in Sudden Guerrilla Road Release 1

Sudden Guerrilla Road Release 1

with Amateur [素人]

Added: 11/28/15



Kana Mochizuki in Tragic Taboo

Tragic Taboo

with Kana Mochizuki [望月加奈]

Added: 11/28/15



Maki Hojo in Double Stocking Foot Job Special

Double Stocking Foot Job Special

with Maki Hojo [北条麻妃]

& Ryoko Murakami [村上涼子]

& Risa Tsukino [月野りさ]

& Tsubomi [つぼみ]

Added: 11/28/15



Maki Hoshikawa in In Secret Base Gokkun

In Secret Base Gokkun

with Maki Hoshikawa [星川麻紀]

Added: 11/28/15



Nana Usami in Masochists Dirty Talk 3

Masochists Dirty Talk 3

with Nana Usami [宇佐美なな]

Added: 11/28/15



Riko Honda in Sexual Desire Processing Department

Sexual Desire Processing Department

with Riko Honda [本田莉子]

Added: 11/28/15



Riona Minami in Demon Blow Hell XXII

Demon Blow Hell XXII

with Riona Minami [南梨央奈]

& Maya Kawamura [川村まや]

Added: 11/28/15



Ryoka Miyabe in Fucked by Husbands Best Friend

Fucked by Husbands Best Friend

with Ryoka Miyabe [宮部涼花]

Added: 11/28/15



Yui Komiya in G Cup School Girl 7

G Cup School Girl 7

with Yui Komiya [小宮ゆい]

Added: 11/28/15



Akane Mochida in Demon Prostitute

Demon Prostitute

with Akane Mochida [持田茜]

Added: 11/27/15



Amai Mitsu in 20 Rapidfire Nakadashi New Teacher

20 Rapidfire Nakadashi New Teacher

with Amai Mitsu [天衣みつ]

Added: 11/27/15



[more new movies...]



recently updated models



Number Of Films

Akari Minamino

88(F)-58-85 164T






Momoka Sakai

84(F)-56-81 152T



Momoka Sakura

94(G)-58-89 154T



Ran Niiyama

110(K)-62-94 155T



Reiko Nakamori

100(H)-60-89 160T



Riko Honda

88(F)-55-86 155T



Shiori Kamisaki

91(G)-58-87 161T



Tomoko Hinagata

85(D)-59-83 156T



Yui Hatano

88(E)-59-85 163T



Yuki Shiina



Kana Mochizuki

92(G)-61-85 158T



Maki Hojo

92-62-90 163T



Maki Hoshikawa

83(C)-59-84 159T



Maya Kawamura

85(E)-58-86 158T



Nana Usami

85(D)-57-86 160T



Riona Minami

85(C)-60-86 155T



Risa Tsukino

83(C)-60-88 158T



Ryoka Miyabe

100(G)-70-90 157T



Ryoko Murakami

88(D)-63-88 158T



[more new and updated models...]



weekly awards

Naomi Hirose in Super High Class Beautiful Legs Club

Body Parts of the Week: Super High Class Beautiful Legs Club with Naomi Hirose and Sakura Haruno and Amateur ... We all have our favorite body parts. I'm a face guy, my best friend's an ass man. Some get turned on by gorgeous legs, especially when accentuated by stockings and high heels. If you're one of those types of people, this movie's for you!

Hidden Gem of the Week: Lifting The Sell Ban with Rosa Natsukawa ... I'll admit, despite her unique look I never really noticed Rosa before. I'm sure glad I gave her a chance here, because the second half of this movie is excellent. Once she really lets loose and allows her body to take over, Rosa becomes an insatiable vixen!

Rosa Natsukawa in Lifting The Sell Ban

Amateur in Purity School Eros Outdoor Hips Max

Outdoor Exposure of the Week: Purity School Eros Outdoor Hips Max with Amateur ... I'm not really sure what the premise here is supposed to be, but whatever it is, it works. These girls can't sit still and their hips need to always be moving, whether it's dancing naked or riding a stud. Most of this is filmed outside which adds to the unique feel, almost like a private outdoor rave where all the girls are in total ecstasy!

Slutty Schoolgirls of the Week: Unripe Fruit Of School Girls 03 with Riko Katase and Mana Kamishiro and Tamaki Nanase and Masami Kato ... Remember the girls in school who had a reputation? Imagine getting them all together at a club with you and a few friends to shoot a private porn, and that's what you have here. They're all there just to have fun, be it with your friends or each other!

Riko Katase in Unripe Fruit Of School Girls 03

Anna Akizuki in Erotic Ballerina 3

Surprising Talent of the Week: Erotic Ballerina 3 with Anna Akizuki ... One of my all-time favorite actresses, Anna Akizuki never ceases to amaze. She's one of the most prolific actresses ever, but I've never seen her quite in this light. She may not be a professional ballerina, but she definitely has some experience, and more importantly, flexibility!


featured movies

Mitsuki An in Lifting The Ban On Sexual Performance

Natsumi Hoshino in Big Tits Masochist Love Slave

Amateur in Indescribable Orgasm

Lifting The Ban On Sexual Performance with Mitsuki An


Debut of the Week awarded the week of 2015-11-18. Mitsuki An did a number of idol modeling and videos before finally taking the plunge into AV, so when she went hardcore people took notice. She's got a 'wow am I really doing this?' look through much of this video, but she doesn't hold back. I've always been a fan of An and her natural, full-figured body, and it was really nice seeing how she got started int he business!


Big Tits Masochist Love Slave with Natsumi Hoshino


Masochist of the Week awarded the week of 2015-11-18. This is one of my favorite bondage JAVs I've ever seen. When the girl wants - no, CRAVES punishment - it's a whole different vibe from the typical Japanese rope or bondage flick!


Indescribable Orgasm with Amateur


Mind Blower of the Week awarded the week of 2015-11-18. These guys use every technique in the book to get this girl off. Then just when I think I've seen it all, they write a whole new chapter! Amazing!




featured models

Nao Ayukawa


Nao Ayukawa

Nao Ayukawa is one of our most popular, and thankfully, most prolific new actresses. We brought you nearly forty Nao titles in 2008 alone!



Minori Hatsune


Minori Hatsune

Minori is young and cute, she could be your neighbor's daughter. She has milky smooth skin and a pair of the most succulent nipples we've seen since Sora Aoi.



Hikaru Hozuki


Hikaru Hozuki

Hikaru's fans probably enjoy her movies because everything comes so naturally.



Rina Himekawa


Rina Himekawa

Rina Himekawa appears mostly in harem-type titles, but this slender cutie with big brown eyes is hard to miss.



Anna Akizuki


Anna Akizuki

When it comes to female ejaculation in AV, Anna Akizuki is clearly the leader!






fetish film finder 2.0

type of sex:

 exhibitionism and voyeurism


 gangbang, reverse

 group sex



 masturbation, self(onanii)

 nature sex

 public sex

 threesome, mmf

 threesome, ffm



 anal play(anaru)

 ass licking

 blow job(fera)

 dancing and striptease

 double penetration(futa-ana)

 hand job

 finger fucking

 food play

 foot play(ashifechi)

 joint fucking(wakifechi)

 pussy eating

 soap play(soopufechi)

 titty fucking(paizuri)


hardcore activities:

 chair confinement


 rough sex

 rope play

 wax dripping


hardcore props:

 mouth gag


 slave cage


breast related:

 big breasts

 breast play(oppaifechi)

 breast squirting

 small breasts


pussy related:

 pussy cover

 pussy shaving(manko teimou)

 pussy squirting(shiofuki)

 shaved pussy(paipan)


orgasm related:

 ass cumshot

 belly cumshot

 breast cumshot

 cum swallowing(gokkun)

 cum swapping


 foot cumshot

 internal cumshot(nakadashi)

 leg cumshot

 sperm play

 sperm shower(bukkake)





 gynecology tool

 hidden vibe


 oil and jelly

 sex toys

 strap on



 hidden cam


 pick up(nanpa)


 story based



girl type:














 business woman

 cheer leader





 house wife






 office lady(oh-el)


 race queen(reesu kuiin)

 school girl(gakuseifuku)






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